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Speech and Presentation Training


The One Day Speech Course


Teacher Training Courses


Self Esteem and Social Knowledge Training Courses for Young People


Singing Lessons


Are you looking for quality teaching in the area?

Since1994 we have successfully helped all types of people to improve their speech or their singing.

Elocution Lessons:

Poor speech will hinder a child's development but we will soon rectify that in one-to-one teaching, here or at your home. Or, are you an adult who is learning to speak English as a foreign language? We can help you.

Presentation Training:

Maybe you are a professional, an executive or a senior manager who would like to have an effective speaking voice and good presentation skills. Please contact us today.

Singing Lessons:

Young people love to sing and we have been successfully teaching singing since 1994. Our pupils' exam results are second to none and our pupils have fun as they progress.

TMA Training

Sally Darley is the Director of TMA Training, an organisation which provides courses for young people living in underprivileged areas. The Self Esteem and  Social Knowledge training courses operate within Kirklees Council Young People’s Service IYSS and local authorities.